Aviara Real Estate



Without a doubt, the most important aspect of your financial future at any real estate brokerage is your commission split. Since Aviara was established by agents, commission splits are very high with a keen eye on maintaining the financial strength of the company. Agents at Aviara believe that commission splits should reflect the priorities of the company and reward production. Here’s how it works:

$0 -$100k = 85%
$100k - $250k = 90%
Above $250k = 95%

Power in Numbers
As a shareholder, you are entitled to assemble a team of agents who can work under your guidance. The combined revenues of all agents within your team will be used to calculate your commission split. For instance, if you earn $80,000 in commissions, you can bring on a new team member who earns $40,000 a year, and your team will collectively earn $120,000--enough to place you in the next commission bracket.

No Fees or Hidden Charges
Many brokerages boast a high commission split only to make it up on profits from E & O Insurance, Workman’s Compensation, franchise fees, form fees, photocopy fees, desk fees, and transaction fees. At Aviara, the shareholders are the company. The shareholders have structured the commission splits so that the company absorbs these costs so agents don’t have to worry about paying E & O Insurance, Workman’s Compensation, franchise fees, and desk fees, and can use the copiers, forms, and phones free of charge. At Aviara, you will never be surprised by a fee or a hidden charge.