Aviara Real Estate



As a shareholder at Aviara Real Estate, you will be privy to several advantages that simply don’t exist at other brokerages. Here are a few worth considering:

Dividend Checks
As an owner, you will receive a dividend check at the end of each year, totaling your share of the company’s profits. Dividends are distributed equally to all shareholders, regardless of production.

Vote and a Voice
As a shareholder, you will have the ability to vote on all important issues, and to formally voice your opinions to other shareholders. In other words, you will have control over your business, and certainty about your future. Each share has one equal vote.

Financial Transparency
Since you are an owner, the financial books are always open to you. Additionally, you will receive a financial statement each month, summarizing the company’s financial position and direction.

Leadership Opportunities
Each year, a new Board of Directors is selected as well as about a dozen committee chairs. If and when you feel called to lead, you will always have the opportunity.

Culture of Teamwork
Aviara’s culture of teamwork is legendary for a simple reason. Since every shareholder makes money off the success of other associates, the Aviara partners look for ways to help each other out and contribute to the overall well-being of the office.

Prestige with Clients
Imagine walking into a listing presentation and explaining that you are not only an agent at Aviara but also an owner. Thus, you will be able to leverage the full resources of the company in the sale of your client’s home. Sounds impressive, right? Your clients will think so, too. Changing companies and moving into ownership make the perfect reason to be in touch with your past clients. Many existing shareholders have been pleasantly surprised by clients who have said things like, “It’s about time.” Clients seem to want to help you succeed and are more energized in referring business in your direction.