Aviara Real Estate



At Aviara, there are several ways to make money beyond standard commission checks. In fact, ancillary revenue streams account for a substantial portion of the yearly earnings of most Aviara shareholders. Here is a look at some of the ways Aviara shareholders can build wealth during and in-between transactions.

Shareholder Dividends
As the company makes money, the profits from the real estate brokerage and the escrow are distributed equally to each shareholder. Dividends are distributed once a year.

Team Member Commissions
As Aviara shareholders bring new members on their team, they can contract these team members at a split below their team split, and keep the overage for their role as team manager.

Escrow Profits
Aviara Escrow is owned by Aviara Real Estate. Therefore, all profits enjoyed by Aviara Escrow are distributed to Aviara Real Estate shareholders.

Services Rendered Fees
Each shareholder receives a services rendered fee for each escrow he or she closes with Aviara Escrow. Shareholders also receive services rendered fees for Aviara escrows closed by their team members.