Aviara Real Estate



Aviara Real Estate’s unique history is a big part of the company’s present success. In 2003, a small group of top producers within the Conejo Valley decided to leave their current brokerages to begin a new type of brokerage--one that would be of the agents, by the agents, and for the agents. The concept of a company of equal partners--30 owners who all have an equal stake in the company--was brought to them by the founders of a prototype office, Regency Real Estate, which is the number one producing office in all of Orange County. This hybrid of the Regency conception was designed to have each shareholder/owner be an actively selling agent with a history of high volume and a reputation for integrity. All owners would be allowed to assemble their own teams, set their own priorities, and make their own decisions. All important decisions would be put to a shareholder vote, so agents always had a voice in their future. With this simple vision (and a lot of hard work), the founders started Aviara Real Estate. Next, they began methodically recruiting their most accomplished colleagues and competitors, developing a veritable all-star team. Soon, Aviara became the place for top real estate talent. If you were a top producer, you were at Aviara, or on your way there. In just a few short years, Aviara’s reputation has grown from “promising startup” to “established powerhouse.” The company frequently ranks at the top of the industry in volume per agent, office profitability, and client satisfaction ratings. As Aviara enters an era of industry dominance, the shareholders remain focused on maintaining Aviara’s family atmosphere and innovative spirit.