Aviara Real Estate



Most real estate brokerages do very little to facilitate long-term wealth for their agents. There are no pensions or 401(k)s for Realtors®. Agents are left to face retirement alone--with no support from the companies they dedicated the best years of their life to. In this crucial area, Aviara stands apart from other brokerages. One of Aviara's core values is "to achieve financial independence for each shareholder." This structure also provides attractive commission splits for team members and a later opportunity for team members who excel to become future shareholders. For this reason, Aviara provides a path to financial abundance now and in the future.

Passive Revenue
Aviara has several sources of passive revenue. First, each shareholder is entitled to an equal share of the profits at the end of the year, in the form of dividend checks. Second, since Aviara owns its escrow division, each shareholder receives individual services rendered fees for each escrow he or she closes with Aviara Escrow. The additional escrow profits are included in the annual dividend check. This is money you never see at other brokerages because it goes to the ownership. At Aviara, shareholders qualify for this extra money by providing their normal excellent agent service. It's simply one of the perks of working at the area’s most equitable agent brokerage.

Team success
Aviara encourages each shareholder to develop his or her own team of skilled agents. The graduated commission splits are based on team volume (not individual volume). More team members will result in more volume. If your team clears $250,000 in closed production, your commission split will be 95%. That money is paid directly to you. Then, you can decide how you distribute it to your team. You can, for instance, contract each of your team members at 75% and keep the remaining 20% for managing the team. The shareholder receives escrow services rendered fees for Aviara escrows that are closed by team members, too. A shareholder has the ability to slow down his or her pace, transition business over to team members, and still collect a sizable income in the form of regular dividend checks, escrow revenues, services rendered fees, and team member commissions, while enjoying a more relaxed schedule and real freedom.